Vandenberghe-Storz Award

A special travel award in memory of IFMSS’s 13th President, Camille Vandenberghe, is presented each year for the most outstanding presentation by a young investigator at the annual meeting.

One or more awards may be awarded, at the judges’ discretion.


Depending on the number of submissions, there will be a scientific session for presentations which are competing for the Vandenberghe-Storz award(s). The judges will be four senior members of the society. Potential candidates for this award need to identify any presentation(s) that they wish to be considered for this award at the time of their abstract submission.


Since the young investigators travel awards are based on the quality of the abstracts, and the Vandenberghe-Storz award is based on the oral presentation at the meeting, a young investigator may compete for both.

Application Deadline: 31st May, 2020